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10 enchanting French expressions and Words to wow your companion

French is called the vocabulary of love. So subsequently what better method to impress your mate once again rather than use passionate French terms? Sounds a tiny bit cheesy, yes we all know. But saying the simple, old monotonous circumstances is not really half the maximum amount of enjoyable.

Would not you want to read one nightfriend thing enjoyable, innovative and brand new after a book information? Well, similar is true for everyone else, your spouse included. To really sweep somebody off their own foot, you have to deliver your own creativeness A-game and also make all of them swoon each and every time.

10 Romantic French Words

Saying ‘i really like you”
is actually renowned but additionally extremely overused. While it’s eternal and sweet, then move situations right up quite and wow your spouse with additional skills?

May very well not have a degree inside French language, nevertheless still can make that special someone in your swoon with one of these 10 passionate French terms:


Je pense í  chaque fois a toi (I always think about you)

Now, who wouldn’t fade on reading such sexy really love terms in French whispered within their ears? It really is a factor being informed your becoming seriously considered, rather another thing becoming told that in French. You should not underestimate the efficacy of this language!

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Tu as de beaux yeux (You’ve got stunning sight)

These romantic French terms are undeniably beautiful in addition to sensuous. Imagine a lovely candlelit placing with wine and good songs. You lean more than and lightly murmur this in their ears. See the magic unfurl behind those breathtaking sight because they gasp with joy and glee upon hearing you say this!


Je veux passer ma vie avec toi (I would like to invest living with you)

Everyone needs to be reassured occasionally, and exactly what better way to assure your partner than to express your sentiments in French. Reignite your love by interacting your own intention during the vocabulary of really love. Combined with
unique intimate motions
, pepper some French words into the dialogue showing all of them how much they suggest for you.

Utilize romantic French expressions to exhibit them how much cash they suggest to you


Tu me rends heureus/heureux (you create me pleased (male/female))

Can’t you merely see him/her slipping in deep love with everybody once more when you state this? You’ll find nothing that could make your partner more happy than knowing that they generate you pleased. These romantic terms of love in French will surely cause them to feel like the quintessential unique person on the planet.

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Tu es ma joie de vivre (You’re the joy of living)

Ah yes, becoming known as joy of someone’s life! Can there be any other thing more enchanting than that? Apparently, yes, truth be told there can. And that’s being known as pleasure of somebody’s existence in French. Just check it out as soon as and find out for your self.

Your lover might supply a confused have a look at first, but when they know very well what you probably indicate, they’ll not have the ability to prevent blushing. To
show someone you care
, let them know that they’re the origin of best happiness into your life.


Je ne peux pas vivre sans toi (i cannot stay without you)

Telling your partner that you can not stay without him or her is actually romantic adequate already. But stating it in French contributes another aspect with the statement altogether. Your lover will certainly love you-all once again.

Intimate French terms come to the recovery to show all of them simply how much you actually love them


Tes yeux, j’en rêve jour et nuit (we dream about your sight day and night)

Just how can some body fight slipping into your hands once you let them know you dream of their particular vision? That also in French. The trend is to give it a spin and determine the outcome for yourself? We have been confident that this package wont disappoint.

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Je veux être avec toi afin de toujours (I want to end up being along with you forever)

Every little thing merely sounds more passionate in French, would not you agree? And envision saying you intend to be along with your lover forever in French. You can get the purpose. Make use of these sweet really love terms in French to share with them that you would like to spend the rest of your existence together.


Je t’aimerai afin de toujours (i shall constantly love you)

Give shivers of delight down your own darling’s spine when you inform him/her these four romantic terms of really love in French. And then we assure you, they state it straight back as well.


Tu es l’amour de ma vie (You’re the love of living)

Everybody loves being reminded of their importance inside schedules regarding considerable other people. French just includes a captivating touch your terms. If everything has been crude, there’ve been many
union arguments
and issues, stating this may be a good way to cure the wounds.

Obviously, enchanting French expressions can produce secret that simple English sometimes cannot. Test this on the spouse now and inform us about their reactions when you look at the reviews below.


1. What is the many enchanting thing to state in French?

Tes yeux, j’en rêve jour et nuit (we dream of your own eyes night and day) is actually one of the most enchanting stuff you can tell to someone in French.

2. how will you welcome the man you’re dating in French?

You can start with Bonjour or Salut and continue to utilize some of the various other passionate French expressions that people have in the above list.

3. How do you state I love you in French?

‘Je vous adore’ is actually how you can say Everyone loves you in French.

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