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8 Signs Your Business Needs Catch Up Bookkeeping

bookkeeping clean up checklist

With our help, you can focus on growing your business, while we take care of the rest. But it’s crucial to maintain good bookkeeping practices to generate reliable reports that truly reflect how your business is performing. Without accurate information, it’s difficult to determine your profitability, outstanding debts, and tax liabilities. Another hurdle in a bookkeeping clean up is revenue recognition.

  • You can complete all the critical steps as a fine bookkeeper.
  • Some items can be handled internally; others require a certified public accountant (CPA) or tax professional.
  • Don’t let your bookkeeping hold you back from financial clarity.
  • As an example, missed sales or expenses can change your taxable income.
  • Taking steps to clean up accounting records can be a big undertaking for small business owners.

Whatever you solve will help you quickly catch sight of similar issues in the future, if any occur. Okay, so here’s a bit of accounting trivia you may find useful. To fix the “half-the-story” problems, you simply enter the invoice or invoices you should have entered to “explain” any customer payments. And enter any vendor bills you should have entered to “explain” any vendor payments.

Click on the video link below to watch: Using a cleanup checklist for successful QBO cleanups

So bookkeeping contributes to deductions by keeping track of mileage, payroll, and paperwork from accounts receivable. Good bookkeeping is essential if you want to lower your tax liability and run your business based on the numbers, not hopes law firm bookkeeping and dreams. It’s your first step toward bookkeeping that drives tax savings. Finally, with a steadier hand keeping the books and all incoming source documents fully accounted for, you can start addressing the problems you’ve found.

If you notice any unusual items or trends, you should include comments or questions when you send them the report. This will catch any transaction posted to an account after it has been reconciled and avoid messes for everyone. The first step is receiving client information (which can often be the most challenging step in the process). You may receive your client information as a physical or electronic file. We’re sticklers for accuracy and will comb through every last document to ensure your records are 100% updated and correct.

Step 4: Fix Weird or Wildly Off Balance Sheet Values

Revising mistakes will be endless, accuracy isn’t achieved in a week. The majority of our clients at Acuity go through clean up bookkeeping services with our team of controllers before working with an experienced bookkeeper. From there, they’re on an ongoing bookkeeping cadence that best suits their needs. Establish an expense tracking system to accurately categorize all of your business expenses.

  • Try our payroll software in a free, no-obligation 30-day trial.
  • Decide whether you want to ramp up or scale back your business activities.
  • None will be as important as verifying your cash flow against source documents, but each of them contributes to an accurate picture of your business and its true value.
  • There’s that credit card charge from back in March that is still uncategorized, and you haven’t taken the time to figure out what it was.
  • If you record transactions with the accrual method, your document collection will be more extensive.

Review each item on your Income Statement for the year and Balance Sheet as of December 31 and make sure it looks correct. Once you fall behind, it can feel overwhelming to catch up on your bookkeeping. Schedule a free consultation with our team to get an individualized quote at the best price for your business. Get your free Financial Health Score today, and join hundreds of entrepreneurs ​​​​who are on track to healthier books. You’ll come away with an actionable score (from 0% to 100% correct) and a detailed report of what’s working and what needs fixing to get your books clean.

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