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Flexeril and Cyclobenzaprine: Misuse, Risks, and Addiction Revive Recovery & Detox Services

Flexeril and Cyclobenzaprine: Misuse, Risks, and Addiction Revive Recovery & Detox Services

There is also a risk of physical problems from long-term use, including stomach problems and physical tolerance. Long-term use increases the chances users will experience withdrawal symptoms when they stop using Flexeril. Flexeril is a prescription medication recommended for short-term use. Long-term use of muscle relaxers increases the risk of addiction.

According to data going back to the early 2000s, the trajectory of emergency department visits at the hands of cyclobenzaprine is on the rise. In 2010, it was estimated that there were around 12,411 emergency room visits linked to cyclobenzaprine. Reach out to us today by filling out the contact form below with your name, contact information, and a brief message about your recovery journey. If your story is chosen, a member of our team will reach out to you.

However, not all people struggling with Flexeril addiction need to detox medically. But, if you also struggle with alcohol use disorder, medical detox may be necessary. Combining Flexeril and alcohol or other drugs is also a sign of Flexeril addiction.

Flexeril is the brand name for Cyclobenzaprine, a prescription muscle relaxer that is similar to a class of Antidepressant drugs called Tricyclic Antidepressants. The generic form was first approved in 1977 and is sold in both immediate and extended release versions. The reason for the potential addiction is due to the way that the drug interacts with the body. In order to block the pain from sore and spasming muscles and other injuries, the drug interrupts the signals that go to the brain and minimizes the pain response. This essentially alters the central nervous system to behave in a certain way. After overcoming her own struggles with addiction, she began working in the treatment field in 2012.

Flexeril Abuse Side Effects, Symptoms, and Addiction Treatment

Several treatments are accessible to promote recovery and aid in addiction management. It is also important to note that cyclobenzaprine may interact with alcohol and other substances that cause drowsiness, so it should be avoided while taking this medication. It is generally not advised to take Flexeril for long-term use, as there is how often should you take flexeril a risk of addiction or other side effects. If you have taken this medication regularly for more than two weeks without consulting your doctor first, it is important that you talk to them about stopping the medication safely. If you have any of these conditions, it is important to talk to your doctor before taking cyclobenzaprine.

  • Talk to our recovery specialists today and learn about our integrated treatment programs.
  • However, as with many drugs, some patients may feel psychologically dependent or experience withdrawal symptoms upon discontinuation of cyclobenzaprine.
  • Prescription drug abuse, such as cyclobenzaprine, is common to see in young adults as these substances are relatively easy to obtain.
  • Operating a vehicle while intoxicated, walking through a bad part of town, and other risks to physical harm may end up being more likely when abusing Flexeril and alcohol.
  • But medications can help to ease withdrawal symptoms so people can get sober without feeling sick.

This pain-blocking mechanism can contribute to abuse of the medication and may result in Flexeril addiction. The recreational use of cyclobenzaprine to achieve a “high” can lead to both physical and psychological dependence. People who misuse cyclobenzaprine might gradually develop a tolerance, meaning they need higher doses to achieve the desired effects, which increases the risk of addiction. Moreover, abrupt cessation of the drug after prolonged misuse can result in withdrawal symptoms, further highlighting its potential for dependency. The combination of Flexeril and alcohol can cause serious problems in the central nervous system, the consequences of which may end up being fatal.

Furthermore, The Drug Abuse Warning Network (DAWN) reported in 2011 that more than 11,000 individuals received care from emergency departments for misusing cyclobenzaprine. Cyclobenzaprine is only available by prescription in the USA, meaning that it has some potential to be misused. However, unlike benzodiazepines, cyclobenzaprine stimulates the release of the chemical norepinephrine, which is also known as noradrenaline. This is both a neurotransmitter and a hormone that plays a crucial role in the body’s fight-or-flight response. Outpatient treatment is another option that offers the same types of therapies as residential rehab.

FMLA & Rehab

If additional types of substance dependence (e.g., alcohol, opioids, sedatives) are a factor, medical detox may be needed. Professional treatment for Flexeril misuse—whether in combination with other substances or alone—can help people end their compulsive use and improve their health and wellbeing. Cyclobenzaprine medications are not DEA Scheduled drugs and, therefore, the potential for misuse and dependence with Flexeril is considered to be relatively low. According to the National Institute on Drug Abuse or NIDA, more than 50 million Americans aged 12 and over have reportedly misused a prescription drug at least once in their life. There were 25.2 million prescriptions wrote in 2011 that included cyclobenzaprine such as Flexeril.

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If the dosage is tampered with, that will end up causing greater cyclobenzaprine high. A Flexeril high is really only possible when the medication is abused or when the patient first takes it. Some users, however, have If someone takes more than the prescription suggests, the Flexeril high can include an altered state of mind. It can lead to cardiac arrest, a dangerous drop in blood pressure, or seizures.

Finding Treatment For Flexeril Addiction

It’s typical for patients to experience extreme levels of discomfort, especially if they’ve been abusing Flexeril for years and have regularly taken large quantities of the drug. One of the biggest consequences of constant Flexeril abuse is Flexeril discontinuation syndrome. People who’ve been taking huge amounts of that medicine for many years are at risk of developing this syndrome.

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